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It truly makes my day when I open my emails to find lovely thank ewes and feedback from... EWE! My loved & valued Baby & Ewe customers! It makes me grin from ear to ear like a fool and it also makes the 2am finishes all worthwhile!!

If ewe too loved your baautiful & ewenique products or were just blown away by my awesome service, I'd love to hear from ewe! To share your feedback contact me.

Thank ewe xx Kita

~Aly - April 2015~
Hi Kita, I've been meaning to email you earlier, I LOVE my JuJu menstrual cup, the fit is great! I've used it for two months, it was rather confronting the first month but now I'm settled with it. Wow, I've always been curious about my period and this has been an insight into it lol!
I have no pain anymore and it's shortened my period and monthly cycle back to normal. I had no problem with the insertion and removal, it's very comfortable.
I have been promoting it to anyone will listen, I even posted it on my facebook page much to my friends surprise and discuss! Hahaha!
Thanks for your assistance and fabulous customer service.
Cheers, Aly

~Mel - Jan 2015~
Hi Nikita, I just picked up my parcel from the post office. I'm pretty excited about having a JuJu Menstrual cup (although I hope to be pregnant soon and not have to use it for a while). My plan is to spread the word far and wide with my female friends - like me, they may take a while to come around to the idea. I'll be recommending buying through you as you have the best rate with postage. 

~Mouna - Dec 2014~
Hi Kita, You absolute legend! Thank you for making another keepsafe toystrap longer for me, that is great. This way I can leave one hanging off the off the grab rail in the car above my bub permanently lol and also use a strap on his OBalls as well! Thank you for all your time and dedication Smiling face (black and white)Smiling face (black and white)Smiling face (black and white) I truly am grateful, I didn't expect you to go so far and beyond! Mouna Xx

~Kate - Dec 2014~
Hi Kita, I just received my order of four bamboo bodysuits for my new born boy and thought I'd let you know what we think. I ordered them because he seemed to have developed a bit of a rash on his chest and back so I thought the bamboo would help, and I think it really has! I love them and he seems very comfy!!! They are so soft and lovely. Thanks, Kate.

~Lena - Jan 2014~
Kita! Oh my gosh! I just received your package! It is absolutley gorgeous... far outweighed my expectations! I cannot wait to use them and let Poppy have her taggie! Divine! Thank you so so much for creating something so beautiful and so eco! Love love love it!

~Saskia - Mar 2013~
Hey Kita, So the evilness that is my period arrived last night, I used my JuJu Menstrual Cup for the first time overnight and today -
you're right! It's awesome!!! There is no going back to Tampons now! Thanks for suggesting it ALLL those months ago!!

~Lou - Jan 2013~
Nikita! Thank ewe!!!! Xxxx I received my package and very happy with the amber, suck pads and keepsafe straps. Will take a pic with them on later to send to you.
~Beth - Jan 2013~
Hi Kita, The batman suck pads are awesome, I'll take a photo once he really gets to sucking on them. They look great on the carrier!!! I knew about your products through a friend, she had your suck pads and I instantly thought how cool!! I like the idea also of helping out the smaller local businesses :) Thank you for the tips on the amber, I will certainly take that on board. Thank you, Beth :)

 ~Dorina - Nov 2012~
Hi Kita, Thank you so much I received my parcel with the suck pads the following day! They are so cute! I will send pic as soon as I can, been so busy with baby and organising the birthday party :)
Many thanks and kind regards, Dorina

~Nicole - Nov 2012~
Kita, I got the liner in the post today!!! It looks great and I this afternoon I changed from bassinet mode to seat so I could pop the liner on!!!  The pram look so different in seat mode. I currently have it butterfly/floral out but I think that the union jack material looks great, so it might be sporting that combo quite often. We have swimming tomorrow morning and I always need A in the pram so I have 2 free hands to wrangle X, my 3.5 yr old in and out of the shower after lessons so she can have her first spin with the new liner then :) The packaging was lovely by the way!!
Cheers, Nic

~Kellie - Oct 2012~
Kita, Thank you so much for your kind service and great products.
I received the package on Friday and haven't had the chance to write until now. The extra present was very unexpected and a pleasant surprise! thank ewe!
My friends, the new parents, also got a Sophie doll so the keepsafe strap was absolutely perfect!
He's actually a tall little baby (a very tall dad!) and so I think the extra length in the bamboo bodysuits is going to be a perfect fit. All the best, Kellie.

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